Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chi City Adventures

Just a few more !
While on our trip to Chi city I got to visit the bean!! and some other nifty spots!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Life Post

Sometimes its hard to believe. 
After this and that, I got the guy I first crushed on.
Its hard to believe, the stories we are a part of,
the people we once let in, the moments we once saw as special. 
Its hard to believe how you're dead set on those moments, memories.
Declaring such moments true love, the love story of your life,
 The moment you want to forever live in.
And then it all goes south. And yet things break down only to fall back in place
piece by piece. In this moment I am happy. 
In this moment I am a part of a puzzle thats complete.
My life, My job, My faith, My boyfriend, My family, My Health.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Just a few of my favorite snapshots from my recent Chicago trip with my dearest love

Friday, March 7, 2014



I feel a bit of inspiration brewing up inside me.... good things to come.
I'm undergoing several changes all good and I feel blessed blessed blessed!
Through the good and the bad, I feel blessed. Im VERY obsessed with
all things minimal right now. As I transition toward this coming up new year, new age of my life,
Im feeling like my taste is becoming a little more sophisticated. 
Im planning to clean out my closet, and prepare myself for all things new.
Getting rid of old things will also be rather refreshing and it'll be awesome
starting up the summer with this new fresh style and positive vibes all around. 

Im planning to sell alot of my old jewelry and plan to replace it with things such as these...
These are few of my FAAAAVORITE etsy pieces that I'm
borderline about to buy....Minimal, simple, yet such great statement pieces.
SILVER BAR Necklace  //  Blank or Personalized Tag on Your Choice of Chain  //  Personalized Mens Necklace //  Customized Rectangle Bar
Gold druzy ring, gold ring, gold ring with green crystal, green ring, druzy crystal ring, stackable ring,  vintage ring, size 6
Turquoise Necklace - Organic Freeform Slab - Bohemian - Layering Necklace
Crystal Tooth Necklace, Rock Crystal Quartz Tooth In Brass, Fang,  Long Necklace, White Fashion - Ice Age

And as a treat, heres a song i'm very much obsessed with right now.