Friday, April 30, 2010

Those crazy blasts of fire, the sun emmits em you know.

The sun was blasting but not with heat, rather with an extra special luminosity(dont we all love that big ball of shine), the winds picked up on and off, overall a nice, glowy, almost eery perfect smog free day. I sunbathed for about an hour outside my porch. It felt amazing, i just wish i had a hammock to tie onto that big willow tree. I wore a white long sleeve(you can neved go wrong with wearing white on a sunny day),paired up with a partially frayed washed out jeans, denim not quite blue but not quite light, somewhere in between, like a dirty wash denim. JUST a thought,im thinking of wearing bell bottoms this summer, bringing them back. TIP: bell bottoms should be exactly that, extra slim fit on top and bell shape on the bottom, it creates a pleasant silhouette if you think about it. You dont have to be self conscious about your body like when wearing the skinny jeans. Some wear em too tight, most cases the skinny is a product of faulty workmanship(youre really lucky to find that pair that fits like a charm rather than like a pear.)(pear:like the fruit, get it?shape wise people, shape wise!)

of course if the weather imposes then i'll stick to skirts, and tights. By the way i purchased a floral print skirt about a week ago at Tj's, i'll have to say its been my first new piece in a long time, usually i shop used. I'll post a picture when i do sport it(how exciting!)
Today: its like the earth farted a huge blast of serenity, i had a good day.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

you go on ahead, i''ll just hang around

florals and wavy silky flowy dresses are on my list. I like the huarache shoes, with the weaving, braid-like straps here let me show you a picture....


im very much, every summer actually, inspired by the array of colors in mexican textiles, and arizona navajo indian prints, the patterns are phenomenal, i get very excited when i see these type of materials hanging on racks at thrift, consignment, sell and trade stores and new shops, too expensive to shop at sometimes, like, Anthropology(can you say, inspiration?). I love the way alot of these old looks are being brought back, ufortunately, of course at high price. Much to my suprise the things you find down rodeo drive or melrose can easily be found in vintage stores, thrift stores, consignment stores....think of places grandma would take her old rags to sell ....thats where you want to be. thats the place for me.



urban outfitters?(overpriced...not even worth the after guilt effect!)
Crossroads Trading Company
The Buffalo Exchange
Platos Closet
The Goodwill Thrift Store
Salvation Army?
garage sales
estate sales

more to come......
i forget the reason for this blog, but i guess these are little nuggets of goodness that will ultimately sum things up into one big, great ball of meaningfulness! heeeee!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

skill will prevail

Ive summed up all the odds and the chances are...this is gonna be a pretty wicked beginning for the start of this project. Ironic? yes indeedee! no its not a word, i dont think, but its okay, if "bling" is in the dictionary i'll be fine writing "indeedee". So this is it, my world. You'll see somewhat of my life in these posts whether it be with words, pictures, poems, music, and other nuggets of goodness like that. Theres a lot to say about me and i'll start off and end off, always, day after day, by showing you fashion, or shall i say, the latest wrinkle in effect! material, pieces and scraps of patterns, and colors and textures, and chunks of sparkle, lace, mesh, knits and lets not forget shoes, heels...mmmmm.....yes and no....flats, oxfords, and new discoveries are on their way....Sadly to say its late and pjs arent exacty graceful attire, but tomorrow is a new day and only the weather tells what will be paired up with what! first photo tomorrow, and ohh! theres a top secret project in effect, all i can is is.....sequins! think glitter, sparkle, like a firefly, but not so lively, closest to a cell phone glow effect. yes! ITS THAT MAGNIFICENT! clues are yet to come....

song of the night: kickball " underground husbands"