Wednesday, April 28, 2010

skill will prevail

Ive summed up all the odds and the chances are...this is gonna be a pretty wicked beginning for the start of this project. Ironic? yes indeedee! no its not a word, i dont think, but its okay, if "bling" is in the dictionary i'll be fine writing "indeedee". So this is it, my world. You'll see somewhat of my life in these posts whether it be with words, pictures, poems, music, and other nuggets of goodness like that. Theres a lot to say about me and i'll start off and end off, always, day after day, by showing you fashion, or shall i say, the latest wrinkle in effect! material, pieces and scraps of patterns, and colors and textures, and chunks of sparkle, lace, mesh, knits and lets not forget shoes, heels...mmmmm.....yes and no....flats, oxfords, and new discoveries are on their way....Sadly to say its late and pjs arent exacty graceful attire, but tomorrow is a new day and only the weather tells what will be paired up with what! first photo tomorrow, and ohh! theres a top secret project in effect, all i can is is.....sequins! think glitter, sparkle, like a firefly, but not so lively, closest to a cell phone glow effect. yes! ITS THAT MAGNIFICENT! clues are yet to come....

song of the night: kickball " underground husbands"

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