Friday, April 30, 2010

Those crazy blasts of fire, the sun emmits em you know.

The sun was blasting but not with heat, rather with an extra special luminosity(dont we all love that big ball of shine), the winds picked up on and off, overall a nice, glowy, almost eery perfect smog free day. I sunbathed for about an hour outside my porch. It felt amazing, i just wish i had a hammock to tie onto that big willow tree. I wore a white long sleeve(you can neved go wrong with wearing white on a sunny day),paired up with a partially frayed washed out jeans, denim not quite blue but not quite light, somewhere in between, like a dirty wash denim. JUST a thought,im thinking of wearing bell bottoms this summer, bringing them back. TIP: bell bottoms should be exactly that, extra slim fit on top and bell shape on the bottom, it creates a pleasant silhouette if you think about it. You dont have to be self conscious about your body like when wearing the skinny jeans. Some wear em too tight, most cases the skinny is a product of faulty workmanship(youre really lucky to find that pair that fits like a charm rather than like a pear.)(pear:like the fruit, get it?shape wise people, shape wise!)

of course if the weather imposes then i'll stick to skirts, and tights. By the way i purchased a floral print skirt about a week ago at Tj's, i'll have to say its been my first new piece in a long time, usually i shop used. I'll post a picture when i do sport it(how exciting!)
Today: its like the earth farted a huge blast of serenity, i had a good day.


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