Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mr robotic man of cardboard steel armoir

im anticipating a return to the flea market, everytime i visit one theres no telling what i'll find. I cant believe how expensive 80's/ 70's vintage is. Ive noticed american vintage is the lest expensive place to get some pretty decent looking summer dresses, authentic vintage. They've got, legs ripped off-jean shorts, spaghetti strapped floral and solid colored summer dresses, sleveless dresses, oohhhh and super cute bikinis, the kind that are a one piece but yet look like a teeny bodysuit, consisting of boyshorts bottom connected to a low cut strapped top, back is bare. It looks very pin up girl, sweet and sassy! american vintage has alot of vintage but like many places, sometimes vintage that is unwearable because of sizes, certain pieces are wearable only if tailored. thats what i end up doing most times, liking a garment for the pattern but size wise not fitting me, so i purchase it to then tailor it to fit my body .

as soon as school is over, i will make is a goal to go nonstop day after day photographing the outfits i put together. Its just lately, school take sup most of my time!

for your enjoyment, Pics of the day:


Saturday, May 15, 2010

dear alex ...

out of many in the bunch, only one i stand true to admire. everything about him, he wreaked inspiration, innovation, avantgarde, stood aside from all the others, quite obviously stood way taller than most. not to say he was the best, but he was definitely untouchable. theres just no words that can describe this fashion prodigy and the phenomenal world of mind blowing ideas he brought along with him. I absolutely love love LOVE his creations.
its such a shame though, with the spring collection he laid out for us, i cant even image what his fall creations would of been like. This is stuff out of the twilight zone, a complete show, not just a line, but he really put out a show, made you a part of it, made you experience it, made you feel it, taste its raw nature and yet appreciate its complex aesthetic. yikes! sends chills down my spine!!

Now....lets focus on shoes.
(some A.M. and Nina Ricci shoes)




Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a moment that makes me a diamond, a highlight.

some people wear clothes and some people wear ink.

he blinked in the split of a second, but i loved it, and i kept it. TIP: that which sticks out like a sore thumb is sometimes what makes things beautiful. yes, i am aware that did not make sense. or did it?



outfit of the day: N/A

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

he looked straight at me and i at him

Im not quite there yet but on the brink of new found passion for creativity to the max. ive realized, we wear clothes as if it were our own skin. except this "skin" we use as a way to distinguish ourselves from all the rest. we walk around knowing we look different and yet our response is, this is just who we are, we are not even trying. we were born and raised this way, this isnt style, this is MY norm. i am naturally this way....Really?....i mean really people? Even the most trendiest of people out there, try and thus achieves their look, and i used to think these washed out beach bum hippies are naturally spiritual looking, like if the look was just part of their birthday suit( if that makes any sense at all?)

i walked past a greaser, dirty grungy looking guy, he really looked authentic, original. from head to toe, wear and tear, nothing you can buy at a store, his whole wardrobe looked strangely intricate. But just as i walked past him, i watched as he glanced at me, knowing i was looking straight at him,admiring his look.... in that split second, literally, his face lit up as if his whole personality changed and he now had some super awesome shield protecting him and bouncing off any label of a pretender, a wanna be cool guy, another style freak wanting to look poor and roughed up when really he shops at prada or downtown rodeo drive.

what am i getting at? The rich want to look poor. the poor want to be rich. we use clothes to mask or enhance who we are. who we want to be. what we want to look as for others to admire. we want to be admired. (well some of us)

outfit of the day:

i will say such a secret as this, i am the fig with the bellyache.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

what are words for, if no one listens anymore

The one accessory i never go without: earrings.
i bought a pair of extra amazing vintage roman styled earrings at a boutique store, it was a picture of a woman, side profile, black silhouette, surrounded by roses, soft pink, teal, and turquoise colored roses with imitation teal colored diamonds, and at the bottom a tear drop gem hanging down.
where are they? well...they got washed. I left them in my jean pocket then found one chunk broken in half, and the other in perfect conditions. it sucks, those earrings were, HONESTLY, the BEST pair, one of a kind like none other i've EVER owned. its such a tease, having one perfect pair, and the other completely destroyed. that one pair, is like reminding me oh how amazing they were. maybe one day when i get the money, i can invest and make a reproduction from the other half.

outfit of the day: N/A

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

completely buy-curious

yesh, i think i skipped like two days, i cant say i missed blogging, well i did, its just if i missed it so much why didnt i post? you see what i mean?

am i accomplishing what i set out to accomplish with these blogs? now, im not the kind you call flimsy but i will admit, its been about what...five days into this and im already talking like im doubting my goals...haha!! or....might i say.. LOL (since thats the cooler way to cyber laugh.)
NOTE: laughter is an expression that really cant be typed out, it's incomprehensible when in writing.

Its wednesday, i think i did great on my exam(might i mention i took one today), im relieved to find that the week still lies ahead and it gives me luck, three days for "sock it to me, eye poppin, garment creations". oh geez. im yet to sew those satin beige,tan colored pants i purchased at goodwill. Tomorrow maybe?
Florals rule this season, the thing i fear is the prints are all too common, when you get to chain retail stores, getting somthing original is out of question. With this trend being out and such, all the florals im seeing are getting to be repetitive. Black backdrop with the all too common floral print, orange, peach colored roses. OR the white backdrop with hot pink, almost fuschia colored roses(a touch of green included, from the leaves).
true authentic vintage floral will overcome! ugh. yeah right. Vintage is a word all too over-rated in the present day of today. haha i like that..."in the present day of today". On a serious note, style keeps evolving but its like the photosynthesis cycle, it takes, evolves, grows, owns, and repeats. takes past fashions, evolves into something slightly different sometimes better even, and grows into its independent creation, only to repeat the cycle the next year. gosh... clothes are so immense, not size wise, but as far as ideas, they come non-stop. the only thing that doesnt change is the human body, i dont mean weight wise but i mean, we still have tiny bodies composed of two arms and two legs, one head and a tiny waist, or not. nonetheless, its the clothes that change, the volume, the shape, the pattern, the texture, the way it flows, the way it looks, etc. the possibilities are endless with all these factors changing.

yes i agree...i dont know what im getting at either.
OUTFIT OF THE DAY:(yesterday)


Monday, May 3, 2010

gingersnaps and booby traps.

Theres a quick fix for any favorite garment, i've learned so this week. Example: you have a favorite t-shirt. It might be your boyfriends t-shirt, might be a concert t-shirt, it might be a urban outfitters one of a kind graphics tee, whatever the case may be, what do you do when it gets ruined in the washer, stained with yes..... BLEACH. Geez what a disaster right? i mean you spend your entire lifetime taking sweet care of that favorite tee, take all the time in the world to preserve its newness, to make sure it doesnt get misplaced, borrowed, etc........and then one day someone other than you does the laundry and by the looks of the aftermath, cant distinguish colors from whites because your perfectly solid color tee, (favorite tee, remember that) is now looking like a dalmation. spotted. and i dont mean even spots. LARGE BLOTCHY and teeny weeny spots. here and there.


i went to joans....(yesss it happened to me)..... and i was looking for elastic band, for a project im working on, and just so happen to pass by the dyes isle. Its amazing all the colors they've got , i mean not just bland solid colors but like, tropical blue, mustard yellow, lime green, fuchsia, etc. Anywho, i purchased the tropical blue just to try it out. Got home, grabbed my barf spotted tee, and quickly got to work. it doesnt take much to make it happen, you pour the dye in a large bowl, you add two cups of water, warm water, and then you add the garment. stir it for 15 min(yes that long) and then every so often for the next 45 minutes.

after about an hour you rinse the tee then you put it in the washer, it rinses the excess dye off. Bada-bing bada-boom, Works like a charm! And once again, you have a solid color tee.

no outfit of the day...sorry

Sunday, May 2, 2010

sonny the sun

it was hot today, the blazin sun woke me up, peakin through my shutters. The worst thing about summer is when the heat wakes you up, its intoxicating in a sense, you want to wake up but the heat makes you lazy so you lie in bed for longer than you should. haha! Or wait, does the heat wake you up with excitement in anticipation of the beautiful day that lies ahead? hmmmm....just a thought.

nothing much to say today, but nonetheless....
outfit of the day: