Wednesday, May 5, 2010

completely buy-curious

yesh, i think i skipped like two days, i cant say i missed blogging, well i did, its just if i missed it so much why didnt i post? you see what i mean?

am i accomplishing what i set out to accomplish with these blogs? now, im not the kind you call flimsy but i will admit, its been about what...five days into this and im already talking like im doubting my goals...haha!! or....might i say.. LOL (since thats the cooler way to cyber laugh.)
NOTE: laughter is an expression that really cant be typed out, it's incomprehensible when in writing.

Its wednesday, i think i did great on my exam(might i mention i took one today), im relieved to find that the week still lies ahead and it gives me luck, three days for "sock it to me, eye poppin, garment creations". oh geez. im yet to sew those satin beige,tan colored pants i purchased at goodwill. Tomorrow maybe?
Florals rule this season, the thing i fear is the prints are all too common, when you get to chain retail stores, getting somthing original is out of question. With this trend being out and such, all the florals im seeing are getting to be repetitive. Black backdrop with the all too common floral print, orange, peach colored roses. OR the white backdrop with hot pink, almost fuschia colored roses(a touch of green included, from the leaves).
true authentic vintage floral will overcome! ugh. yeah right. Vintage is a word all too over-rated in the present day of today. haha i like that..."in the present day of today". On a serious note, style keeps evolving but its like the photosynthesis cycle, it takes, evolves, grows, owns, and repeats. takes past fashions, evolves into something slightly different sometimes better even, and grows into its independent creation, only to repeat the cycle the next year. gosh... clothes are so immense, not size wise, but as far as ideas, they come non-stop. the only thing that doesnt change is the human body, i dont mean weight wise but i mean, we still have tiny bodies composed of two arms and two legs, one head and a tiny waist, or not. nonetheless, its the clothes that change, the volume, the shape, the pattern, the texture, the way it flows, the way it looks, etc. the possibilities are endless with all these factors changing.

yes i agree...i dont know what im getting at either.
OUTFIT OF THE DAY:(yesterday)


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