Saturday, May 15, 2010

dear alex ...

out of many in the bunch, only one i stand true to admire. everything about him, he wreaked inspiration, innovation, avantgarde, stood aside from all the others, quite obviously stood way taller than most. not to say he was the best, but he was definitely untouchable. theres just no words that can describe this fashion prodigy and the phenomenal world of mind blowing ideas he brought along with him. I absolutely love love LOVE his creations.
its such a shame though, with the spring collection he laid out for us, i cant even image what his fall creations would of been like. This is stuff out of the twilight zone, a complete show, not just a line, but he really put out a show, made you a part of it, made you experience it, made you feel it, taste its raw nature and yet appreciate its complex aesthetic. yikes! sends chills down my spine!!

Now....lets focus on shoes.
(some A.M. and Nina Ricci shoes)




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