Monday, May 3, 2010

gingersnaps and booby traps.

Theres a quick fix for any favorite garment, i've learned so this week. Example: you have a favorite t-shirt. It might be your boyfriends t-shirt, might be a concert t-shirt, it might be a urban outfitters one of a kind graphics tee, whatever the case may be, what do you do when it gets ruined in the washer, stained with yes..... BLEACH. Geez what a disaster right? i mean you spend your entire lifetime taking sweet care of that favorite tee, take all the time in the world to preserve its newness, to make sure it doesnt get misplaced, borrowed, etc........and then one day someone other than you does the laundry and by the looks of the aftermath, cant distinguish colors from whites because your perfectly solid color tee, (favorite tee, remember that) is now looking like a dalmation. spotted. and i dont mean even spots. LARGE BLOTCHY and teeny weeny spots. here and there.


i went to joans....(yesss it happened to me)..... and i was looking for elastic band, for a project im working on, and just so happen to pass by the dyes isle. Its amazing all the colors they've got , i mean not just bland solid colors but like, tropical blue, mustard yellow, lime green, fuchsia, etc. Anywho, i purchased the tropical blue just to try it out. Got home, grabbed my barf spotted tee, and quickly got to work. it doesnt take much to make it happen, you pour the dye in a large bowl, you add two cups of water, warm water, and then you add the garment. stir it for 15 min(yes that long) and then every so often for the next 45 minutes.

after about an hour you rinse the tee then you put it in the washer, it rinses the excess dye off. Bada-bing bada-boom, Works like a charm! And once again, you have a solid color tee.

no outfit of the day...sorry

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