Tuesday, May 11, 2010

he looked straight at me and i at him

Im not quite there yet but on the brink of new found passion for creativity to the max. ive realized, we wear clothes as if it were our own skin. except this "skin" we use as a way to distinguish ourselves from all the rest. we walk around knowing we look different and yet our response is, this is just who we are, we are not even trying. we were born and raised this way, this isnt style, this is MY norm. i am naturally this way....Really?....i mean really people? Even the most trendiest of people out there, try and thus achieves their look, and i used to think these washed out beach bum hippies are naturally spiritual looking, like if the look was just part of their birthday suit( if that makes any sense at all?)

i walked past a greaser, dirty grungy looking guy, he really looked authentic, original. from head to toe, wear and tear, nothing you can buy at a store, his whole wardrobe looked strangely intricate. But just as i walked past him, i watched as he glanced at me, knowing i was looking straight at him,admiring his look.... in that split second, literally, his face lit up as if his whole personality changed and he now had some super awesome shield protecting him and bouncing off any label of a pretender, a wanna be cool guy, another style freak wanting to look poor and roughed up when really he shops at prada or downtown rodeo drive.

what am i getting at? The rich want to look poor. the poor want to be rich. we use clothes to mask or enhance who we are. who we want to be. what we want to look as for others to admire. we want to be admired. (well some of us)

outfit of the day:

i will say such a secret as this, i am the fig with the bellyache.

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