Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mr robotic man of cardboard steel armoir

im anticipating a return to the flea market, everytime i visit one theres no telling what i'll find. I cant believe how expensive 80's/ 70's vintage is. Ive noticed american vintage is the lest expensive place to get some pretty decent looking summer dresses, authentic vintage. They've got, legs ripped off-jean shorts, spaghetti strapped floral and solid colored summer dresses, sleveless dresses, oohhhh and super cute bikinis, the kind that are a one piece but yet look like a teeny bodysuit, consisting of boyshorts bottom connected to a low cut strapped top, back is bare. It looks very pin up girl, sweet and sassy! american vintage has alot of vintage but like many places, sometimes vintage that is unwearable because of sizes, certain pieces are wearable only if tailored. thats what i end up doing most times, liking a garment for the pattern but size wise not fitting me, so i purchase it to then tailor it to fit my body .

as soon as school is over, i will make is a goal to go nonstop day after day photographing the outfits i put together. Its just lately, school take sup most of my time!

for your enjoyment, Pics of the day:


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