Thursday, May 6, 2010

what are words for, if no one listens anymore

The one accessory i never go without: earrings.
i bought a pair of extra amazing vintage roman styled earrings at a boutique store, it was a picture of a woman, side profile, black silhouette, surrounded by roses, soft pink, teal, and turquoise colored roses with imitation teal colored diamonds, and at the bottom a tear drop gem hanging down.
where are they? well...they got washed. I left them in my jean pocket then found one chunk broken in half, and the other in perfect conditions. it sucks, those earrings were, HONESTLY, the BEST pair, one of a kind like none other i've EVER owned. its such a tease, having one perfect pair, and the other completely destroyed. that one pair, is like reminding me oh how amazing they were. maybe one day when i get the money, i can invest and make a reproduction from the other half.

outfit of the day: N/A

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