Friday, August 20, 2010

the snail followed the yellow brick road.

Is it possible to create a style nothing like, or perhaps much alike, window displays at forever 21 or urban outfitters, and yet remain rich? i think im excited for the winter. It seems like its the best time to layer layer and then layer some more. I have an idea. I went to Goodwill umm....three days ago?? yes. and i suddenly realized,

" ive always felt i can say i shop at thrift stores and find the most outrageous clothing articles, completely original. However, with my last vists it seems to me that well, sometimes you're outta luck!! its actually tough, like lookin for a pearl in the deep blue sea, or in the abyss. Theres so much to look through but hard to find the pearl!!"

but with this last visit, im convinced, im on a mission. To restore all sweaters old, to new trendy things. Purchase of that day was definitely a crochet pastel blue purple colored vest, with cute blue buttons and flower petal inspired ends on the bottom of the vest. I saw something similar at urban outfitters except at good will it was about....75 dollars CHEAPER. hahaha. very true trust me, very true. so i wore it with a white spaghetti/racerback strap top and some distressed jean cut-off shorts. Shoes were some gladiator like strappy brown leather mexican sandals, and let me add styles has a cute turquoise deep blue sea colored nail polish which i purchased for 1.99!! and wore on my toe nails.....soooo cute! color pops like a bear in a resthome.

yes, its a perfect comparison.i might come back and add a picture of the vest tomorrow, and so on for the other items i plan to purchase little by little, for my new winter look. you'll be surprised to see all the things you can find at thrif store when you look hard enough!
till next time!

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