Monday, February 28, 2011


so......ive been away on and off, and because we all have to strive for better careers, work and education consumes most of my free time but im back tonight and heres the forecast.

I've been learning a heavy load about textiles and manufactured fibers vs. natural fibers. Something i learned that was super interesting was that there is such a thing as "smart fibers", fabrics that can change their properties in response to their environment. Makes me think of gauze and medical bandages and how they're created to stop bacterial growth and the spread of infection...lets keep this short though.
And so what about cotton? yeah. shortage i hear? Im actually excited to see whats to come from this cotton shortage, i mean im not excited to spend more since prices are expected to spike, but im wondering if there will be more alternatives to cotton, and even then im wondering what prices will be like? Because of the floods and weather changes cotton is now scarce and so are other crops like wheat,and im wondering if farmers will have to choose between both, which to grow. Cotton might become rare, since im sure food is of greater importance than clothes. well you know what i mean

anywho, its been a while but here it is...

this turquoise necklace i love very much because it makes me feel like egyptian royalty.

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