Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vic Muniz

I watched an amazing documentary titled "wasteland". Its a wonderful film that captures the 'pictures from garbage' project by vic Muniz. I can honestly, having never of heard of this artist, i really did get lured into his world by his world, his story and his overall outlook on life. Its pretty neat how people can use the tainted things in life to create something so beautiful. i truly do recommend this film. This is one of my favorites of his collection, titled "mother and children". The picture shows a mother, i think she was 17, who worked at the landfill to be able to provide for her two kids. Something i really admired that she said was along the lines of " i work the landfill because it gives me the money to feed and care for myself and my family, its better than what most girls around here do. You see them selling themselves at night. Theres alot of prostitution. But at least i chose an alternative to that and i feel pride in what i do( in comparison to what they do). It was kind of unfortunate to find however that by the end of the film, she was pregnant AGAIN with her 3rd kid, and she stopped working the landfill. The fact that she left was kind of understandable since i can image the image proceeds as well as the films popularity really did change the lives of all the people who participated in the making of the art. Heres her image...


Friday, March 11, 2011

the greyhound


he is a rescued dog right off the greyhound dog racing tracks. And from what the owner told me, i dont approve of the dog racing either, it seems like a pretty cruel thing. Anyway this little guy is pretty old, 7 years old, and he runs real fast so hes real clumsy with his stops, he goes from 40mph to zero when he halts, of course this makes him clumsy because he stumbles....hes so cute and im glad this man rescued him. I want a dog like this someday...

(sorry for the small pic, i had to post the darn thing as a small file because otherwise the head gets cut off as the blog only allows a semi medium semi slamm file upload. )