Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Today

ive been... i dont want to say "M.I.A" but somewhat like it, lets get down to the "nitty gritty", Music. Theres two songs in particular ive been intrigued by these past couple of weeks. These are the songs you get excited to play when you go on a long drive. The songs that make you WANT to go out and face the TRAFFIC battle field(they make you want to drive in otherwords). Anywho, first song is Audience by Cold War Kids, and Second song is Can you see the words by Animal Collective.

What can i say, i completely missed out on the album release of Cold War Kids "mine is yours". I was clueless! Didnt even know they came out with a new album and i claim to be a fan....ha! what a shame right? Well after checking out the album i can say there are two songs that really hit home run for me, "Louder than ever" and "Audience". I want to complain and say the NEW album isn't as spectacular as Robbers and Cowards
but let me tell you after a couple rounds, the songs get catchy, they stick and suit up to you expectations. Im pleased to say... i approve.

Animal Collective, Can you see the words, is just a blender of juicy goodness. Its like a juice drink made up radishes, celery, carrots, apples, oranges, grapes and mango. sounds strange at first but in the end this treat is way to rich in greatness to dislike.

Fashion....Pictures soon to come! i just got a vintage Calypso striped top that im excited to sport !

video of the day:

and this guy did an amazing job covering the song, i had to share...

Happy Memorial Day everybody!! and watch out for those jellyfsh Florida!