Sunday, June 26, 2011

My NOW full grown, back THEN, baby kitten

i had a baby kitten, she was such a dwarf stuck inside an animals body. She had the tiniest body and yet the biggest ears! She was soo little, but now shes a full grown adult cat! Shes equally as cute and beautiful, but incase you were wanting visuals on how she looked when she was a baby, here you go! i know i know, you're probably going...."AAAAAAWWWW!!!!" and i guess i should provide pictures on how she looks now, but those are yet to be taken!
notice how on the first picture shes got a milk goatee because she just got done being baby kitten bottle fed.





Tuesday, June 21, 2011




I got this ring as a gift just recently, i absolutely love it!!! its big and bright and designed by betsey johnson, i plant to wear it with my multicolored striped calypso vintage top. The colors would just go so well together! pics to come...


Monday, June 20, 2011

albie grizzley







On This day i am wearing a black silk top which i got at a garage sale for 25 cents, a crazy india-inspired-patterned-flowy skirt(that was a mouth full!!)which i also got at the same elder ladies garage sale for 25 cents, feather earrings from F21, turquoise ring from F21, 3 gold rings from F21, braided brown leather belt was from a highwaisted shorts i got at crossroads, silver bracelet from a garage sale, colorful bead bracelet from Anchor Blue like 8 years ago. hahahahah!! I got more picture to come from different projects i got going on stay tuned!

P.S. i got a new kitten !! got him for free outside a grocery store, he is white as snow and has beautiful blue eyes, i named him albie grizzley, because he looks both albino and like a grizzly bear!! pics of him also soon to be posted!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Muy Bueno

As mentioned before, here is the top i got from a garage sale, the khaki shorts are from CROSSROADS, the belt came with the shorts, the white purse(vintage by the way) is BUENO brand which i also got from a garage sale but months ago (not recently) . The blood orange nail polish is from EXPRESSIONS and my flip flops from TARGET i believe? i've no idea actually those flip flops are OLLLLD. I dont kow where they came from hahaha!and the Fedora was from G-STAGE. The silver Bracelet, from a garage sale, the orange beaded bracelet i made, and the SUPER CUTE ring with the teeny beeny bo beeny rabbit and turtle i got from well...JAPAN! off ebay. The silver ring is from FOREVER 21, and the navajo inspired patterned earrings are from FOREVER 21 as well...







Thursday, June 9, 2011

La sabiduria biene con edad

Cuando llegue de edad me encantaria tener el estilo de estas mujeres! (por lo sierto, yo no tome el foto y no pude encontrar a quien le pertenece! perdon!) Pero punto de vista muy linda verdad?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This Tiiima baby i'll beee bullehhh-proof

Eleanor Kate Jackson in La Roux, an electro popish band, she keeps this weird androgynous appearance, Im gonna be Frank; Frankly, its kind of creepy but ultimately much more interesting than most artists wardrobe. I dont know, she reminds me of somebody, ummm i cant think of the actress name but she plays the ice witch in Chronicles of Narnia ....hahaha!! its true look it up! they look alike!

anywho, love the voice, love the strange outfit combos, but still kind of creeped out.

wish i had that voice though!