Monday, June 20, 2011

albie grizzley







On This day i am wearing a black silk top which i got at a garage sale for 25 cents, a crazy india-inspired-patterned-flowy skirt(that was a mouth full!!)which i also got at the same elder ladies garage sale for 25 cents, feather earrings from F21, turquoise ring from F21, 3 gold rings from F21, braided brown leather belt was from a highwaisted shorts i got at crossroads, silver bracelet from a garage sale, colorful bead bracelet from Anchor Blue like 8 years ago. hahahahah!! I got more picture to come from different projects i got going on stay tuned!

P.S. i got a new kitten !! got him for free outside a grocery store, he is white as snow and has beautiful blue eyes, i named him albie grizzley, because he looks both albino and like a grizzly bear!! pics of him also soon to be posted!

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