Sunday, June 12, 2011

Muy Bueno

As mentioned before, here is the top i got from a garage sale, the khaki shorts are from CROSSROADS, the belt came with the shorts, the white purse(vintage by the way) is BUENO brand which i also got from a garage sale but months ago (not recently) . The blood orange nail polish is from EXPRESSIONS and my flip flops from TARGET i believe? i've no idea actually those flip flops are OLLLLD. I dont kow where they came from hahaha!and the Fedora was from G-STAGE. The silver Bracelet, from a garage sale, the orange beaded bracelet i made, and the SUPER CUTE ring with the teeny beeny bo beeny rabbit and turtle i got from well...JAPAN! off ebay. The silver ring is from FOREVER 21, and the navajo inspired patterned earrings are from FOREVER 21 as well...







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