Saturday, July 16, 2011

red purse

It was a nice day today, sunny but not too hot. I wore a green sheer see through top by Zara Basics, jean shorts from TJmaxx, brown belt from crossroads trading company, orange glossy strappy wedges from F21, red purse from F21, silver hoop earrings= F21, my orange ring was from crossroads (i got it like four years ago on a shopping hunt with my friend Lyssa), my silver bead sing came from a garage sale, the silver turquoise ring= F21, the bracelets i'd previously wore and mentioned, and the two gold dove rings also came from F21.......

Im having fun this summer, wearing all these cute clothes ive acquired from garage sales, thrift stores and ocassionally,although i try to avoid, from stores! Clothing prices are so high now a days, it makes it hard to afford food! So ive started trying new places and im completely surprised at the cute stuff you find at yard sales, Goodwill, crossroads, buffalo exchange etc. I'll keep posting neat pieces ive found at low prices...stay tuned!






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