Sunday, July 3, 2011

!!Shear Genius!!!

So something qute fun and exciting happened today.....remember Shear Genius season 3? Well incase you dont let me help you ...So there was this girl with bright loud neon yellow hair and she actually ended up winning competition. I was totally rooting for her because she not only has mega killer style but also created fantastic hair styles! Really! So anyway I MET HER AT WORK TODAY!!! she comes up to me specifically and asks for help finding a silver layered necklace....anyway i was completely confused because in that moment i actually thought i knew her from like previous jobs or something...but then it hit me !! I didnt know her i just had admired her from tv! hahaha!! there was a moment in which i was laughing by myself today and whom ever might of seen me must've probably thought i was crazy.

Brigs Van Osten.....
Brig Van Osten.jpg
Bravo's Shear Genius Cast

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