Wednesday, August 31, 2011



random sillyness at the beach.guy in the first picture i've no clue who he is but it made a nice photo, he was reading a newspaper on the beach, sitting in that super neat invention of a chair. The ones below are of a friend who used to be a cheerleader. hahaha! sorry i cant help myself, its just kinda funny. Enjoy...


Monday, August 29, 2011

heads wrapped with locks

♥Inspiration: headwraps, dreadlocks.


feather earrings-F21, tan headband-Target, neon dress-Target, strappy shoes-thrifted, bangle-F21, bead bracelets-thrifted, rings-rosebowl, gold sparkle nail polish-F21

Well today was 107 degrees. Can someone say...
Anyway i wore this super cute summer dress, which btw gives me an awesome tan. The color looks awesome against my skin tone so i like wearing it on sunny days, it makes me feel like a golden speck of glitter. I went to church today and it was a really nice service, there was a guy from the dominican republic talking about this organization he came up with, which is helping those people whom are dirt poor living on the landfills. Their homes are total pieces of junk, walls consisting of billboard signs. you know like the billboards on the side of the road that advertise new movies, or the lapband etc....well those are their homes. Ive seen it when i took a mission trip to mexico. Its terrible, not a way of living. And yet they make it work. Its times like these when i really question what my future holds in store for me, because i most certainly dont want to be working a job, making money, and totally being happy in my own world when theres so much more i can do for people who bottom line, are really struggling to stay alive. It sucks, and become cliche after a while but this truth really troubles me.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

pretzel dog ohhh YUM

green vest-TJmaxx, blue tank-F21, light blue shorts-F21, Flip Flops-TJmaxx, necklaces-elegant attic, prescription glasses-Costco (ha!)

Today was quite eventful, the second most eventful day ive had in months! I'll share more on that tomorrow, i've got pics to show! But for now let me just say, i went to Wienerchnitzel and tried the "Pretzel Chilli Cheese Dog" aaaaand ohhhhhhh it was YUMMY!!! I loooove pretzels with cheese dip so this pretzel dog was just heaven in my mouth. Mmm. mmmm. MMMM! and i had this amazing lemon ice tea for $1, i got at the gas station. Total junk food i know, but tomorrow im already planning to make a MEGA salad. With like, romain lettuce, boiled eggs, cheddar cheese, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms and HAM!!! hahaha trust me its DELISH!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jolene back from the past

So i gotta say, i love the version done by Samuel just slightly more than the white stripes version BUT trust me its a close call. Jacks vocals are spine chilling, they gimme goosebumps REALLY!! but boy OH BOY!! Samuel covered it just amazingly.....Incase you didnt know Jolene is an older song sung by Dolly Parton in 1974....
(yes i agree Dolly's hair DOES defy gravity and looky here, her waist was normal at one point.)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cinnamon Bun


peach dress-wasteland, lacy racerback-TJMaxx, purse-salvation army, flower locket-swap meet, flip flops-target?(not sure)

Okay well unfortunately i cant place my photographer in my pocket and whip him out whenever i need him, so im back to my ol' mystical garden background(haha jk.) But really, this is actually a versatile look, meaning i wore the top in my previous post with a completely different look, and here i wear it with a dress. Also i've been lazy lately and havent swaped purses so i've also been wearing the same purse as well. I like doing this as im sure many others do as well. I like wearing a clothing piece in multiple ways, just switch it up and its a completely different look! Its so convenient and lately ive been really mastering the art of clothing versatility, if that makes any sense? Anyway im gonna start documenting my hairstyles as well, this hairdo is my favorite! The messy bun!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My amazing photographer !


hat-F21, shorts(distressed by me!)-thrifted, cami+top-TJmaxx, vintage purse-thrifted, jewelry/vintage-random places, belt-F21, feather beaded necklace-F21, locket-swap meet

Today was full of adventures and fun-ness. I woke and went yard saling, found some WICKED cool straw hats at an older ladies garage sale...I bought 7 hats!!! Of course i will be sharing those hat images once i set em up with the proper outfits(im so excited!! SERIOUSLY!). After that i went to arbys for a ham and cheddar sanwiShhh (thats how im gonna start saying sandwich from now on), i know I KNOW, i kinda skipped the breakfast meal and got my lunch instead, im bad i know. but really i usually skip breakfast so it was normal. Anywho after that i came home did some chores then set out for a little shoot with my new photographer!! BOY OH BOY! these photos he took are WAAAAY better than the garden pics i normally post up. The guy is a genius! "an experienced photographer" wink wink! (inside joke).  we had a picnic at the park and he shot these effortlessly and im really happy with the way they turned out! I took a few shots myself those are located below.....


Friday, August 19, 2011

Cuffs Galore!

hat-F21, vest-elegant attic, shorts-crossroads, black tank-F21, wedges-crossroads, necklace-elegant attic,

Ive been meaning to buy one or two nice big chunky cuffs. As all you reading this do, ive been browsing other bloggers looks and noticed cuffs just give an overall balanced look to your outfits. As opposed to the simple skinny bracelets like i wear. Skinny bracelets i like to pile on, but with cuffs, its really not necessary. One cuff alone will do. So anyway i dont know where to look for cute inexpensive cuffs, ive tried swap meets but most often than not those cuffs are vintage and cost like 30-35 bux. Its a bit much for me at the moment im practiving frugality. So if any of you reading, know of a good place to get some inexpensive but cute vintage lookin or one of a kind unique cuffs, do share with me! In the meantime, i fell head over heels over these pieces i found on!!!!!its like this, i saw em, sparks of excitement rushed through my brain then spread to my body, i told myself i gotta have em, got so full of joy knowing i discovered one of a kind pieces, then realized i couldnt afford em and was like, "pff. well that didnt help".

i love love love these individual pieces. They're so beautiful, i tend to gravitate towards stuff you wont see someone else wearing, and these were just that. i mean ive never seen these or anything like them at any shops ive been to. However the tooth necklace, i did see a guy workin at SLoW on melrose wearing a dentures necklace, it was indeed interesting.

airplanes necklace-68$

rock paper scissors(MY FAVORITE!!) 68$

measure tape cuff-52$

tooth necklace-65$

me+you puzzle piece-95$

polaroid necklace-60$



hat-elegant attic, skirt-UO, top-F21, shoes-crossroads, vintage earrings-F21, bangles/cuffs/bracelets-random places listed previously

Well today was an overall good day for me, it had a rough start but overall had a smooth ending. Weather wasnt too bad and i ate some amazing shicken satay(chicken satay), and mango sticky rice! MMMMM thai food is my absolute favorite, second to vietnamese haha! if you want to try to good coffee and i mean GOOOOOOOOOOOOD coffee, try some vietnamese iced coffee. MM MM MMMMM!!! delicious. my favorite! im working on getting a new photographer and new background haha so wont be boring you guys with the same ol' garden background. Stay tuned for it! its coming soon i promise! Then my blog posts will be much more interesting!