Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jolene back from the past

So i gotta say, i love the version done by Samuel just slightly more than the white stripes version BUT trust me its a close call. Jacks vocals are spine chilling, they gimme goosebumps REALLY!! but boy OH BOY!! Samuel covered it just amazingly.....Incase you didnt know Jolene is an older song sung by Dolly Parton in 1974....
(yes i agree Dolly's hair DOES defy gravity and looky here, her waist was normal at one point.)

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  1. I love Jolene! I also love your blog! Do you ever post on Chictopia or Lookbook? You would do so well! Anyway, I came here to comment back regarding pricing on our vintage store. It's so hard because we are both spendthrift shoppers, but vintage is so costly and time-consuming to source! We are hoping to always offer a few things that are pricepoint-friendly, though, so stay tuned!