Friday, August 19, 2011

Cuffs Galore!

hat-F21, vest-elegant attic, shorts-crossroads, black tank-F21, wedges-crossroads, necklace-elegant attic,

Ive been meaning to buy one or two nice big chunky cuffs. As all you reading this do, ive been browsing other bloggers looks and noticed cuffs just give an overall balanced look to your outfits. As opposed to the simple skinny bracelets like i wear. Skinny bracelets i like to pile on, but with cuffs, its really not necessary. One cuff alone will do. So anyway i dont know where to look for cute inexpensive cuffs, ive tried swap meets but most often than not those cuffs are vintage and cost like 30-35 bux. Its a bit much for me at the moment im practiving frugality. So if any of you reading, know of a good place to get some inexpensive but cute vintage lookin or one of a kind unique cuffs, do share with me! In the meantime, i fell head over heels over these pieces i found on!!!!!its like this, i saw em, sparks of excitement rushed through my brain then spread to my body, i told myself i gotta have em, got so full of joy knowing i discovered one of a kind pieces, then realized i couldnt afford em and was like, "pff. well that didnt help".

i love love love these individual pieces. They're so beautiful, i tend to gravitate towards stuff you wont see someone else wearing, and these were just that. i mean ive never seen these or anything like them at any shops ive been to. However the tooth necklace, i did see a guy workin at SLoW on melrose wearing a dentures necklace, it was indeed interesting.

airplanes necklace-68$

rock paper scissors(MY FAVORITE!!) 68$

measure tape cuff-52$

tooth necklace-65$

me+you puzzle piece-95$

polaroid necklace-60$

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