Monday, August 29, 2011

heads wrapped with locks

♥Inspiration: headwraps, dreadlocks.


feather earrings-F21, tan headband-Target, neon dress-Target, strappy shoes-thrifted, bangle-F21, bead bracelets-thrifted, rings-rosebowl, gold sparkle nail polish-F21

Well today was 107 degrees. Can someone say...
Anyway i wore this super cute summer dress, which btw gives me an awesome tan. The color looks awesome against my skin tone so i like wearing it on sunny days, it makes me feel like a golden speck of glitter. I went to church today and it was a really nice service, there was a guy from the dominican republic talking about this organization he came up with, which is helping those people whom are dirt poor living on the landfills. Their homes are total pieces of junk, walls consisting of billboard signs. you know like the billboards on the side of the road that advertise new movies, or the lapband etc....well those are their homes. Ive seen it when i took a mission trip to mexico. Its terrible, not a way of living. And yet they make it work. Its times like these when i really question what my future holds in store for me, because i most certainly dont want to be working a job, making money, and totally being happy in my own world when theres so much more i can do for people who bottom line, are really struggling to stay alive. It sucks, and become cliche after a while but this truth really troubles me.

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