Sunday, August 14, 2011

I need a better background ...(ha!)


Shirt-Gstage, pants-F21, black vintage purse-yard sale, brown studded sandals-Target!,2 turquiose silver antique rings-F21, hot air ballon bracelet-flea market, vintage watch- moms....i think i covered everything right?

Well i've been thinking of setting up a site where i sell some of my stuff, im working on getting a little boutique started on however im building up my items. I'll be posting some on here just incase anybody out there is interested. Whatever i post on my blog i'll have for sale on ebay...ive looked at my closet and its just overwhelmingly crowded i def need to get rid of some of my treasures....i went yard saling recently and brought home a load of granny clothes haha! my plan is to renew some of the pieces, you know tailor them and such and then show you guys my creations...maybe even put them up for sale. Something similar to urban renewal. Ive already started one project. Its a crazy print vintage dress, big and baggy, that i got at the swap meet, and im planning on making it into a sleeveless top, i'll show you guys soon....

has anybody watched planet of the apes? Wasn't it fantastic!?

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