Friday, September 30, 2011

oh the things we come up with...

Yee Elle 06 Henrietta Hellberg by Andrew Yee for <i>Elle Vietnam</i> October 2011

(pic coustesy of fashion gone rogue)



Similar??? I think so.

(3D glasses=modern day sunnies fashion inspiration)

Ive been meaning to share with you guys some amazing items i've collected as gifts from my boyfriend however i havent had time for photographs. I am SO excited though because literally, my gifts(all jewelry YEI!), are unlike ANYTHING ive ever seen before and i go through alot of fashion blogs, fashion sites, jewelry online shops/boutiques etc. and ive never come across the unusual necklaces that he picked out for me. To begin with, what kind of perfect guy picks out jewelry for his girlfriend? MINE DOES! seriously its an amazing thing but enough about that i will definitely be back to post some new outfits while including those gifts i just got.... I LOVE JEWELRY!! and its midnight which means 1 MORE DAY of being 22! Its not even "the day" yet but byfar its been the best birthday in all my life of 22 years. until then....

Out the door, dinosaur!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Man in Space

There are not many local musicians that impress me much, not that im someone to impress, but good music is hard to find.(i think so). So let me just say this band wasnt only good, well at least this one song for the most part, but they were also entertaining. One of the few good shows i really did enjoy and i wasnt just there waiting for the next band to come on. I've never hear a song like Exposition, its very much different and powerful, i think its the beats, they make you want to move and put they you in this super cool vibe type of mood(if that makes any sense).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall is coming

teal skirt-expressions, blk long sleever-garage sale, vintage rust hat-garage sale, strappy heels-target!

transitioning to the fall ...somewhat akward phase when deciding whether to wear a long sleeve or wait because its not cool enough yet, but then also deciding whether to wear jeans or not because its too hot for it still... oh lifes hard choices

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I am in LOVE....deep profound love

You know somedays one thought goes through my mind that really, i tend to avoid. I feel dreadful and slightly weary when i think of growing up. I want to be young forever. And i dont mean in the sence of partying and drinking because frankly thats just not my style, but what i mean is i want to be active and healthy and be able to read good, and see good without using glasses, i dont want to loose my hair and i dont want to have a hunched back, and i dont want to wear dentures and i dont want to use a cane or a wheelchair.

Dont get me wrong, i love the elderly, thats who im talking about, but i just dont want to become an elderly, know what i mean? but i came across this beautiful 91 year old soul, and was instantly charmed by her outlook on life, being oldER, and fashion!!! She is absolutely stunning and i only wish to have her mindset and her looks when i turn 91.

below are some quotes of Ilona that just warmed my heart and put a big smirk on my face and the video is at the bottom, youve got to watch it!! i promise you, it will will change you

"i love to wear colors, because the compliment eachother, its like a friendships between two great people"

"i have a very good realtionship with my body, we talk to eachother, sometimes i say, what the hell are you doing to me, im so good to you!!"

Ilona Royce Smithkin for from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

over the fields....

If a man can not count

and he finds a four leaf clover,

is he still considered lucky?

This troubles me...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

leather backpack!!

prescrips-thrifted,earrings-target headband-target,shorts-DIY,top-fleamarket,boots-gift, bracelets/bangles-F21thifted farmers market DIY. backpack-garage sale!!

I LOVE this outfit! For one, THIS BACKPACK! my mom got it for me at a garage sale for 5 BUCKAROOS! the brand it London Fog, and the bag is genuine leather and worth $140 !!! its a saddle backpack, so that alone equals love. I LOVE IT! Secondly, my..... new-boots-that-i-got-in-mid-June-but-couldnt-wear-until-now(barely. because of the hot weather!) I love that i can pair boots with some cute shorts despite the fact that its 105 outside!!! HAHA! i mean really, its not that bad, usually when i wear boots in the summer, IF i ever do(which now that i think about it, i havent in the past 2 years!) my feet tend to get hot and sweaty but these boots are ridiculously refreshing on my feet! and they're very comfortable too! I like that these boots look like the vintage renaissance lace up booties the victorian style ladies used to wear back in the day.......(like those found below)

ANYWAY, im getting more news on my possible internship opportunity, however its not final yet, but sounds exciting still, so till then my fellow bloggers....!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


red dress-TJMaxx, fedora-Gstage, necklace/belt-rosebowl,bangles-yard sales, strappy wedges-F21, vintage purse-garage sale, rings, rosebowl.

how do ya'll like the background? better than the garden background? , yes the hats are all mine, they're vintage! Im a bit stressed this week, but im excited to see what next week brings... im looking at getting an internship, its a suprise to i wont say too much n that, but stay tuned for more!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

some things good

Three things that satisfy my hunger and quench my thirst:

♥1.pineapple juice

♥2.pear fruit cups

♥3.port of subs turkey sandwich(w/evrythng on it.)

mmmmmmm....port of subs