Friday, September 30, 2011

oh the things we come up with...

Yee Elle 06 Henrietta Hellberg by Andrew Yee for <i>Elle Vietnam</i> October 2011

(pic coustesy of fashion gone rogue)



Similar??? I think so.

(3D glasses=modern day sunnies fashion inspiration)

Ive been meaning to share with you guys some amazing items i've collected as gifts from my boyfriend however i havent had time for photographs. I am SO excited though because literally, my gifts(all jewelry YEI!), are unlike ANYTHING ive ever seen before and i go through alot of fashion blogs, fashion sites, jewelry online shops/boutiques etc. and ive never come across the unusual necklaces that he picked out for me. To begin with, what kind of perfect guy picks out jewelry for his girlfriend? MINE DOES! seriously its an amazing thing but enough about that i will definitely be back to post some new outfits while including those gifts i just got.... I LOVE JEWELRY!! and its midnight which means 1 MORE DAY of being 22! Its not even "the day" yet but byfar its been the best birthday in all my life of 22 years. until then....

Out the door, dinosaur!!

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  1. OMG, this is really funny. People come up with the weirdest things. And yet it still sells.

    can't wait to see your jewelries! :)