Sunday, October 30, 2011

Im the pocket of an old winter coat.

So remember i said i would share some of my top picks, well this is my, and let me tell you its hard to declare this title, FAVORITE BAND EVER. I've come to the realization that a favorite band must not be just one song that you fancy, not two, not five, not even an album. It must be EVERY SINGLE SONG the band has EVER, to this day of existance, made. Reasons why i favor this band so much is,

1. LYRICS are like nothing i've ever heard, altogether Perfect, Beautiful, Brilliant, and Inpiring.
2. SONGS. beats, chorus, composition, in general is right on.
3. BEAUTIFULLY FLAWED, aarons voice as you can tell isnt perfection, but thats what makes it so captivating.
4. GREAT PEOPLE, seems strange to say this since i dont know them( like, at all. im sure its not hard to believe that... hahaha!) but the people stand for great things.
5. Im gonna show off and say I SAW THEM LIVE! and it was honestly a fulfilling moment in my life.
6. Last but not least, ive got a huge crush on Aaron.


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