Saturday, October 29, 2011

Curtains of florals and sun washed colors

what i wore: floral dress-TJ maxx, tights-F21, locket-fleamarket, other necklace-elegant attic, cuff-F21, boots-gift, feather in hair-dollar store,

So i gotta say, i felt maybe i wore floral excessively... Im still trying to decide. It just so happen to work that my locket matched my dress right on, it was quite bizarre for a minute. So something new!!...yesterday my boyfriend took me out for Pho and then afterwards we went to CVS, for some pumpkins, carving kit, aaaaaaand I CARVED MY FIRST PUMPKIN..EVER!! ive never done one for halloween and i did last night! haha it was such a cool thing very much fun, alot of skill involved as well. I chose to carve using a master level 4, pumpkin stencil. Im just saying. It was tough stuff! I'll share more and even pictures of it tomorrow, hopefully. i love halloween, its still my birthday. haha!

i have the cutest necklace with E.T. on it, i need to do a post to show you guys because it is the coolest thing! still need to share a pic of that hot air balloon necklace too.

I miss fresno around this time of the year, goin to tower district, searching up the neighborhood yardsales and stockin up on neat unsual old school stuff like lamps, paintings, schwinns, even granny clothes. We just had a garage sale my sis and i, i think you can see some of our wall art in the pic showin my boots. I was also sellin my breakfast at tiffanys, Dinosaurs(not the mama!!!) and woody woodpecker VH-esses

hahahaha .........."VH-esses"... aaaaaay. ur funny.


  1. This is a really great outfit! <3 Has a real bohemian feel.

  2. Cuteee.
    Love the boots and floral dress pair
    You have a nice hair color !

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