Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall is here

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what i wore: mustard granny skirt-yard sale. black long sleeve-yard sale, head scard-vintage, boots-gift, belt-G-stage, bangles-thrift store, rings- F-21/vintage/gifts, hot air balloon necklace-gift,

In celebration of fall, Halloween, smores, hot chocolate, crunchy leaves, count chocula cereal, and pumpkin pie, here is my October outfit. Im feeling nostalgic lately, i think its the weather change. Its at an akward phase too, the weather. Its like "hey im fog, im here to spice things up and hide your surroundings" but then its like, "hey im sunshine, im ....still here?" and then its like..."hey im rain...umm i'll be here....soon?" and this is when my sweater is like...." Ummm master? when do i come in??" I like how the weather report claims the day will be "IN THE MID 80'S" , but totally ends up being like the HIGH 90's. So here i am with my sweater, cept it ends up being worn around me waist. and let me tell ya, i dont like stretched out sleeves.

i actually wore my hot air balloon necklace in this shoot, you probably cant see it, so i'll re-do a close up on the jewels next time, but its a really awesome necklace you guys gotta see it close up! most certainly next time ....


  1. SUCH A UNIQUE OUTFIT! i'm totoally loving that skirt.


  2. so cute! this is the perfect fall outfit, even if you're sweating in it. love your hair wrap too. :)