Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween time


So its my birthday. All this month. Every day of october. At least I like to see it that way, But lets be honest, it was my birthday like a week or so ago, so these photos are some what seasoned. Im sharing them because i felt really beautiful on this day. I say this with confidence because sometimes you are the only person who aknowledges that, and it makes you feel great. I really liked what i wore, however i had a rough day so by the end when my mom photographed me most of my accessories were gone. My mom and sis surprised me with a cake btw it was really nice, made me tear up a bit. even though its not visible, this is what i wore, an amazing purple brown black maxi body hugging skirt, a black tank top, my vintage head scarf wrapped around in a bow, and my brown lace up booties. my accesories were many; bangles, rings, and necklaces but those i'll leave out and instead i'll try to repost the whole outfit... soon! Its literally my favorite maxi skirt ever( im obsessing over maxi skirts right now). My mom and sis gave me cute gifts clothes and jewelry, it was nice having something to open, i love opening presents!

im really excited for this month, i love halloween time its my second favorite time of the year; 1. christmas 2. Halloween 3. My birthday(haha!)

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  1. Happy belated birthday! That cake looks sooo good!