Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Guess who i met at work yesterday? Jakob Dylan, Bob Dylans son....MEGA exciting no? yes! Let me begin my story....First of all, i thought Bob Dylan had passed. You know, i thought he was dead! But hes not, in fact he just performed at the Grammys this year. Anyways, I heard out client was Jakob Dylan, I THOUGHT i did not know who he was, but at the moment i said, hey Dylan, as in Bob Dylan...hmmmm i wonder if they're related.....so i'm told sure enough Jakob Dylan is Bob Dylans son. So then i look him up, and hubba hubba he is VERY handsome.....so much so that his photo sparks a hint of familiarity ....He seemed familiar is what i mean. hahahaha! So hours later im speaking to Mr. Jakob it was the coolest thing, a thing a kid like me gets to talk about to my grandkids years from now when im old'n wrinkly and smell like granny perfume. hahahah!  So I get home and still theres that feeling of "his face seems awfully familiar but i dont know from wheeeeeere......"   I know hes a musician i tell myself, so then I youtube his music. AND SURE ENOUGH !!! I find ONE HEADLIGHT by the wallflowers!! I kid you not, i had a huge crush on Jakob years ago but had totally forgotten. I used to listen to this song like i used to listen to Hanson when i was in high school hahahahah!!!!!lets just say I listened to it ALOT!

oh and i've got pictures to share, my boss and work family threw me a suprise thanks-for-working-here party. hahahah!!! They're so great!!!!

like Dave Hester says,

Saturday, November 26, 2011

make it better

my trial is up, and thus postings will be a little on the congested side...hahaha i dont know if that makes sense
:D but heres a song im really listening to lately...

Monday, November 14, 2011



In honor of Fall and thanksgivings day, here is a photo of my mother and father.
Im joking, dont take me seriously,  this is NOT my mother and father. This was just a special pretty couple i came across while at work, i had to ask for their photograph because it was just too special to pass up. They were they cutest dressed couple i've seen in a while. She wore, fall inspired pants with leaves on em, a tan hat with leaves on it, orange top, white turtle neck, orange trenchcoat(which she isnt wearing in the photo), and her husband of 40 YEARS, wore a black with orange leaves shirt, black slacks, and amazing BIG black frame, clear lenses glasses(which hes not wearing in the phtograph). I asked her, "do you dress like this all the time? nice and fancy? Bold colors?" she goes, " oh no honey we're going to a thanksgivings event thats why we're coordinating" i go, yeah i was thinking to myself, she must have an amazing wardrobe!!" and she goes" oh well thats another thing dear, HA-HA-HA(very elegant laughter might i add), my wardrboe is quite exquisite" .......husband goes "oh thats one thing for sure, heh-heh heh(his laughter not so elegant might i add)"

lovely couple no doubt about it, very impressive to remain in marriage for 40 plus years...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

the other day


what im wearing: teal hat-Elegant Attic, Striped sweater-thrifted, crazy tights/pants-bday present, white collar top-target, boots-gift, necklace-indian shop

11/11/11..... it was a great day for me , heres my outfit of the day i really liked it, its one of my favorites actually ...these crazy pants are extremely comfortable! Im doing this thing where i match up a crazy pattern with a totally opposite color/pattern...i think i did well with this outfit
im really really really tired, so im going to bed...cut'n it short for the night sorry but im really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow haha!

highlight of the day= made and drank some carrot juice with our brand new juicer machine, yummy tasty

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Niki Minaj

So i listen to Nicki Minaj. WHILE AT work,  yes i do. This is very odd for me since im more of a "animal collective" music type of kid, as you can imagine me listening to Niki Minaj,  its a wild combination....I wont exactly say i like her because i gravitate towards different music. I dont like watching women half naked in music videos, nor do i respect music with profanity every other word and/or referring to sex every other sentence....although i will say some of her music is pretty decent (FLY),her music is catchy, and im sure shes an awesome human being, but no i dont listen to her in my own time. This song however is super catchy hahaha and i do appreciate this little kid, her enthusiasm, her energy,her memory!!(to memorize all those lyrics), her ability to rap haha!!, and her non-existant stage fright..... The Ellen Show video was absolutely adorable , Imagine Niki finding out that her music insipires little 5 years olds....i dont think thats the crowd she was goin for .... first video is the original version...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas is here my dear

For this Christmas im obsessed with Dinosaurs, literally and with the TV-show, im looking for ANYTHING dinosaurs related, so if any of you know where i can find any t-shirts or even jewelry of Dinosaurs the tv show, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! im looking for any of these in particular
1. dinosaurs socks
2. dinosaurs t-shirt
3. baby sinclair necklace
4. baby sinclair ring
5. baby sinclair figurine.... i had one at one point, a toy i got from mcdonalds as a kid but i sold it at a garage sale, years ago.....and if theres one thing i regret doing its, selling that baby sinclair happy meal toy.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is that your final answer?


what im wearing: gray "grampa" sweater-yard sale, shorts-thrift store, tights-target, penny loafers-moms, white classy button up-target, hat-elegant attic!, rings-gifts, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS necklace-gift!

Im absolutely positively loving this weather! i love how i get to wear ultra warm socks to sleep. i hate how i wash my special ultra warm pair of socks, and right as i finish doing the laundry the one pair of socks im anticipating to wear, isnt a PAIR anymore. All i find is one sock. And so i search and search for the other sock and i find NOTHING.Its only until a week later i find the other sock, at the bottom of the hamper stiff, squished and stinky.

I know i know that was a bit graphic, but this is reality people!
Lastly i want to give special attention to the necklace that i am wearing in this shoot because i love love LOVE IT! I got it as a gift and its one of my favorites! ROCK PAPER SCISSORS! isnt it fantastic!? honestly, come on, tell me its not amazing, no can do huh?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

where do people like us float?

So ive been on the topic of music and I said I'd be sharing my top picks with you readers, and so heres another.....Fever Ray, she is my favorite female musician, hands down. i think of her as thom yorke but female version in the sense that she is extremely talented in a way that no other musician/band is. I really admire Karin Dreijer Andersson, I feel her music is a portal to another dimension, another world. Reasons why i admire her music.....

1. Music puts you in a trance
2. Music is bizarrely magnetic, lures you in, keeps you wanting more
3. Voice reminds me of a voodoo witch (or what i think a voodoo witch would sound like)
4. Beats, rhythym, composition, lyrics are like none other
5. Karins style is phenomenal and simply perfect, does not appeal to the norm "sex sells" but is something of its own, sustainable, ever lasting, captivating, enchanting, magical....etc. Even though its a style, in a sense its not following a style...(dont know it that makes any sense)
6. If i ever get to host a fashion runway show, her music is something i'd play to showcase my collection(remix people, remix).