Monday, November 14, 2011



In honor of Fall and thanksgivings day, here is a photo of my mother and father.
Im joking, dont take me seriously,  this is NOT my mother and father. This was just a special pretty couple i came across while at work, i had to ask for their photograph because it was just too special to pass up. They were they cutest dressed couple i've seen in a while. She wore, fall inspired pants with leaves on em, a tan hat with leaves on it, orange top, white turtle neck, orange trenchcoat(which she isnt wearing in the photo), and her husband of 40 YEARS, wore a black with orange leaves shirt, black slacks, and amazing BIG black frame, clear lenses glasses(which hes not wearing in the phtograph). I asked her, "do you dress like this all the time? nice and fancy? Bold colors?" she goes, " oh no honey we're going to a thanksgivings event thats why we're coordinating" i go, yeah i was thinking to myself, she must have an amazing wardrobe!!" and she goes" oh well thats another thing dear, HA-HA-HA(very elegant laughter might i add), my wardrboe is quite exquisite" .......husband goes "oh thats one thing for sure, heh-heh heh(his laughter not so elegant might i add)"

lovely couple no doubt about it, very impressive to remain in marriage for 40 plus years...

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  1. ugh, i die! they're too cute.