Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is that your final answer?


what im wearing: gray "grampa" sweater-yard sale, shorts-thrift store, tights-target, penny loafers-moms, white classy button up-target, hat-elegant attic!, rings-gifts, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS necklace-gift!

Im absolutely positively loving this weather! i love how i get to wear ultra warm socks to sleep. i hate how i wash my special ultra warm pair of socks, and right as i finish doing the laundry the one pair of socks im anticipating to wear, isnt a PAIR anymore. All i find is one sock. And so i search and search for the other sock and i find NOTHING.Its only until a week later i find the other sock, at the bottom of the hamper stiff, squished and stinky.

I know i know that was a bit graphic, but this is reality people!
Lastly i want to give special attention to the necklace that i am wearing in this shoot because i love love LOVE IT! I got it as a gift and its one of my favorites! ROCK PAPER SCISSORS! isnt it fantastic!? honestly, come on, tell me its not amazing, no can do huh?

1 comment:

  1. perfect fall outfit. i'm loving your hat. :)

    damn those socks! but life isn't all glamour, right?