Saturday, November 12, 2011

Niki Minaj

So i listen to Nicki Minaj. WHILE AT work,  yes i do. This is very odd for me since im more of a "animal collective" music type of kid, as you can imagine me listening to Niki Minaj,  its a wild combination....I wont exactly say i like her because i gravitate towards different music. I dont like watching women half naked in music videos, nor do i respect music with profanity every other word and/or referring to sex every other sentence....although i will say some of her music is pretty decent (FLY),her music is catchy, and im sure shes an awesome human being, but no i dont listen to her in my own time. This song however is super catchy hahaha and i do appreciate this little kid, her enthusiasm, her energy,her memory!!(to memorize all those lyrics), her ability to rap haha!!, and her non-existant stage fright..... The Ellen Show video was absolutely adorable , Imagine Niki finding out that her music insipires little 5 years olds....i dont think thats the crowd she was goin for .... first video is the original version...

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