Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Guess who i met at work yesterday? Jakob Dylan, Bob Dylans son....MEGA exciting no? yes! Let me begin my story....First of all, i thought Bob Dylan had passed. You know, i thought he was dead! But hes not, in fact he just performed at the Grammys this year. Anyways, I heard out client was Jakob Dylan, I THOUGHT i did not know who he was, but at the moment i said, hey Dylan, as in Bob Dylan...hmmmm i wonder if they're related.....so i'm told sure enough Jakob Dylan is Bob Dylans son. So then i look him up, and hubba hubba he is VERY handsome.....so much so that his photo sparks a hint of familiarity ....He seemed familiar is what i mean. hahahaha! So hours later im speaking to Mr. Jakob it was the coolest thing, a thing a kid like me gets to talk about to my grandkids years from now when im old'n wrinkly and smell like granny perfume. hahahah!  So I get home and still theres that feeling of "his face seems awfully familiar but i dont know from wheeeeeere......"   I know hes a musician i tell myself, so then I youtube his music. AND SURE ENOUGH !!! I find ONE HEADLIGHT by the wallflowers!! I kid you not, i had a huge crush on Jakob years ago but had totally forgotten. I used to listen to this song like i used to listen to Hanson when i was in high school hahahahah!!!!!lets just say I listened to it ALOT!

oh and i've got pictures to share, my boss and work family threw me a suprise thanks-for-working-here party. hahahah!!! They're so great!!!!

like Dave Hester says,

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