Saturday, November 5, 2011

where do people like us float?

So ive been on the topic of music and I said I'd be sharing my top picks with you readers, and so heres another.....Fever Ray, she is my favorite female musician, hands down. i think of her as thom yorke but female version in the sense that she is extremely talented in a way that no other musician/band is. I really admire Karin Dreijer Andersson, I feel her music is a portal to another dimension, another world. Reasons why i admire her music.....

1. Music puts you in a trance
2. Music is bizarrely magnetic, lures you in, keeps you wanting more
3. Voice reminds me of a voodoo witch (or what i think a voodoo witch would sound like)
4. Beats, rhythym, composition, lyrics are like none other
5. Karins style is phenomenal and simply perfect, does not appeal to the norm "sex sells" but is something of its own, sustainable, ever lasting, captivating, enchanting, magical....etc. Even though its a style, in a sense its not following a style...(dont know it that makes any sense)
6. If i ever get to host a fashion runway show, her music is something i'd play to showcase my collection(remix people, remix).

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