Saturday, December 31, 2011

what a shock

I went to studio city and walked down that strip with wasteland, urban outs crossroads & chipotle, etc and of course i went browsing in the stores. First stop, urbans. Not by choice, it just happened to be the first store there. I walk in only to turn around and walk straight out. Why? Would you pay 499$ for a dress, which is 50% off by the way, was originally 1000$,wld u buy it and feel good about the purchase? You wouldnt feel morally bankrupt knowing that money couldve gone a LONG WAY being applied to other things, other people, other causes?
I then went in wasteland. OOOOOOooooo!!! Mama like. Ugh ok ill never say that again. Boyohboy i found so many pretty things in waste but as always they are a bit OVERpriced. Nonetheless love the place. Lastly i went in crossroads....YEEEEEI!!! haha i loooove crossroads in studio city. Its one of my favs besides the one in santa cruz. So long story short im done shopping walk towards my car and this ....strange.... guy is parked in front ofmy car. Street parking. So the man is lookin in his trunk, he looks at me, i look at him and i tried not to but i found myself doin a double take because he had penciled in eyebrows almost like he used black chalk. They were incredibly abnormal. Thick chunky black penciled in eyebrows. I was laughing inside. But not at the brows, it was the skinny penciled in french man mustache that made me laugh. I dont know if it was a joke but im leaning towards it was just his look. He said i smelled pretty, i was a bit scared, unlocking my door i noticed in his back trunk was a DEAD COYOTE. Im joking. He had nail polish bottles, said he paints using nail polish then he gave me one and as he gave me it i noticed 4 satanic symbols dangling off his necklaces. I freaked a bit took the polish and drove on home but notbefore tossin the polish out my window. No i proerly disposed of it in the trash can. But still i wanted nothing to do with it!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011



I rumaged through and found this! Conffession=A tad bit delayed since this event where photo was taken occured quite some time ago but still I felt the need to add this to my journal ------------>a.k.a= blog. In the photo is Jake Weary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a very cool venue, interesting people, our friends band played and I met some new people too which made it an even more amazing night. I love getting to interact with a new person at least once every day, and not just by saying "hello" but by holding a conversation about anything really. It makes life, much more enjoyable. I met a guy on this night and he's an artist, had his art out on the streets, laying on the sidewalk to be exact, and as I walked past his art I stopped and began gawking at his art haha! He started talking to me and I spoke to him about my moms art and he spoke to me about his art and I could see how amazing and intelligent of a human being he is, how in love he is with his talent, and as we spoke I couldnt help but feel angry inside knowing that so many people, like him, including him, have the talent but lack the recognition. I felt sick knowing that this guy was trying to make a dollar off his art work, whether it was for drugs or a cup of coffee, he applied himself and came up with a work of art. An amazing work of art that will probably never be admired as it should, instead it'll lie on the ground as wealthy onlookers pass by tipping perhaps a dollar claiming they "have no change" while later walking into their shiny new rolls royce, and driving a block away to spend about 6 dollars on a triple grande nonfat, no foam, extra hot, sugar free vanilla latte with a stopper ontop. cant forget the stopper. (yeah im sure he had no change). Dont get me started on Starbucks, because i'll tell you why i quit. and it wont be a pretty song to sing. As I was saying, This guy seemed pretty righteous devoted to his art and such and yes perhaps there are a million reasons why his art isnt in a gallery , or why he is sitting begging for money on one of the richest streets around, or why he doesnt instead have some sort of a career where he doesnt have to be on the streets asking for money, maybe he does!! maybe he doesnt!! but perhaps I tend to be more understanding and sympathetic towards people like him versus the guy in the rolls royce walking around like a big baller  (I think thats what you call them?), flashin his dollar bills in the valet guys face. hahahah!

okay im getting off topic. But here it is, the guy said to me, "Focus your mind like a laser" he said, that might not mean much to you  now but it will one day, it'll hit you and you'll find meaning for it. He said "you're an artist, I can tell by the way you dress. not like these other girls with them mini skirts calling for attention." He said, you've got it, but you're not quite there yet. you  need to just be yourself" And since that day those words really stuck to me. Somewhat of a guideline to life. my life. Honestly! Seriously, that was great advice. He had that passed on to him by someone very impornat in a rap band and he said since then he started creating those works of art. But anyways, his words were right on to the core. No one knows me better than myself and what he said was extremely inspiring and captivating.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Long time since!

stretchy pants-gift, sweater-handknit, collartop-F21, boots-gift, rings-F21, Khols, Ebay.


Funny to say, I wore these stretchy pants on a previous post, but in a completely different way, I like both! I like the coat I wore because its hand knit!! Its got big huge buttons which i love so much, and you cant see but my favorite thing on this ensemble is my ring, its an EYE!!!! I've aways wanted an eyeball ring, but not like a halloween tacky eyeball ring, more like a modern, edgy eyeball ring. And i bought the perfect one! I'll share it in the next post. Well it has been a while since I last shared an outfit post, so here it is. I notice that I love the crazy pieces i've collected over the years in my closet, and everyday  get to dress up different, I feel nows the best time of my life to play dress up, and as I walk out my front door getting read to slay dragons, dodge tornados, and fight giants(literally), I notice myself . Its as if im leave my body for a brief 15 seconds and look at myself from up above as my spirit floats in midair, and once there i realize that BOY I  look pretty good!!!......Oh come on, complementing oneself should be done more often! expecially coming from ourselves. Its a very important thing but i'll go more in depth on that some other day, anywayyyy i was saying, i notice that my outfits and hairdo and skin and nails look really good! but most days, recent days actully, quite recently better said, i've felt a bit vain photographing my outfits. I dont know, its time consuming and i dont want to waste my time in the process of blogging. I dont know if its a permanent feeling, or temporary, but i will say i love blogging, i love sharing my fashion sense, its just lately photographing has been somewhat of a hassle. Im not a busy busy person I always make time for the most important things in my life, but blogging, it seems, isnt really one of them?
dont hate me for saying that, this is probably just a phase.??............
P.S:  photos taken via my phone sorry! not canon quality

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Music, I'm yours and you are mine.

This is something I'd listen to on a long drive. OVER and OVER again. And I'd never grow tired of it. Im not one to admire songs with simple, somewhat repetitive lyrics but this is an exception. If you're a fan of acoustics give it a listen. The song is like a sip of hot tea. I want music that inspires me, calms me, comforts me, soothes my insides. Music should do all those things and more, but especially those things. When i listen to this i feel like I've just conquered a giant, it gives me the feeling of relief and joy. I took one listen and Ben Howard is instantly on my favorites list. This session in particular is just flawless. Its not always fair to compare musicians with other artists because my opinion might be different from acuality.,but I do so with the purpose of providing a reference. I say "this sounds like that" so in case you listen to "that" you'll maybe also like and listen to "this". Makes sense? With that said, Ben Howard reminds me of Damien Rice, a little bit of The Passing Lane " im yours baby, and you are mine", theres more but i'll stop there

Whatever happened to that song? I will never know but I will miss it...ohh music how i love you. "A Hand to Hold"... i love you too.

We never change

My breakfast, lunch and dinner.
My sleep.
My rest.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Im just a poor man...carry me

I made this about a year ago as a project for my photography class. Funny thing is
I took these photographs while driving. Well...I wasnt driving but someone
else was and as the tires were rolling I was rollin down the window and snappin
these shots!!! I went for a wasteful society theme but it ended up somewhat blurred...
I wanted to photograph people shopping spending being wasteful with things we dont need
and then show the other end of the spectrum the universal hunger, homelessness epidemic
found all around us. I took away alot from this project.

Friday, December 16, 2011

bits and pieces

"If you want to get more out of life, you must lose your inclination for monotonous security and adopt a helter-skelter style of life that will at first appear to you to be crazy. But once you become accustomed to such a life you will see its full meaning and its incredible beauty.”
-Jon Krakauer

Tuesday, December 13, 2011



I call it, "Very akward way to hold an umbrella". Im just stating the obvious you know. Anyway I found this photograph and it made me miss having short hair, My hair is getting longer now, the longest its ever been! I was contemplating cutting it all off, well, leaving 3 inches or so, and donating the rest to Locks of Love, EXCEPT i've come to develop three dreadlocks in my hair because i never brush it. YES YES I dont brush my hair if anything I run my fingers through my hair while in the shower but for some reason i still had three dreadlocks form naturally in my hair!!! I cant decide whether its cool or unfortunate since now i cant run my fingers through that small portion. Either way, hair is hair and it makes me remember how insignificant something is in determining who you are, however, unfortunately, it takes a big role in society and how people view you.

Anyway im still trying to donate, but now its going to take longer since i have to grow out the dreadlock portion!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finally back on the road...

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dress:vintage, sweater: vintage, tights:Target, white collar shirt i wear way too much:F21, boots: gift, rings:gifts

I love this dress, It belonged to a beautiful older lady. You cant see them but minus the sweater on, this dress embodies an 1820s puffy sleeve effect, borderline football-player-shoulder-pads look. I'm definitely in dragon mode when i wear it because its as if im wearing dragon scales. Literally, but not really. But really the pattern on this dress is just crazy. It makes me think of dragonfly wings, dragon scales, and alligator skin. Its as if im wearing polyester alligator skin. Minus the skin, just the scales? Let us take a minute to think about that......

The sweater im very proud of because it was originally oversized a tad bit, however i tailored it to fit me just right. Its really quite exciting you know.

As 2012 approaches Let me just say i've really come to discover skirts and dresses this year more than ever. Ive been drifting apart from jeans little by little. I feel strange in a sense. Wearing skirts is quite comfortable though. This change im definitely adjusting to very quickly. Come winter however, I might need to reunite with my old flame, the jean. Until then my winter attire consists of granny sweaters, over collar shirts, over maxi dresses, over tights. It all makes sense if you think about it. My pet peeve=maxi skirts. I dont know if maxi skirts are "in" or if they've already reached their max potential but im loving maxi skirts so much that i've acquired a massively impressive collection of them In different cuts, patterns, and colors. I'll share soon

What sucks lately: The fact that my lightroom trial just expired, Which is why i havent posted photos. So sorry :( Not only that but my canon photo editor cant be uploaded on my laptop because my cd slot is broken. AYA-YAi .......

I liked this

Monday, December 5, 2011

Crunchy weather

This can possibly be the most akward appearance/performance YET. or EVER. I dont quite get this video,he's lip singing, but i mean im not sure if its a joke? or whats going on because really, its pretty weird ! None the less, i play this song in my car these days because its a song i play every year when winters coming up but hasnt quite set in yet, and so its cold out and youre wearing your sweater and scarf and your driving and the sun peaks through your window, somewhat of a magnifier effect, the warmth kisses your left cheek and its a feeling of fall/winter/summer, the best feeling when paired up with this song. Thus why i play it when i drive!