Tuesday, December 13, 2011



I call it, "Very akward way to hold an umbrella". Im just stating the obvious you know. Anyway I found this photograph and it made me miss having short hair, My hair is getting longer now, the longest its ever been! I was contemplating cutting it all off, well, leaving 3 inches or so, and donating the rest to Locks of Love, EXCEPT i've come to develop three dreadlocks in my hair because i never brush it. YES YES I dont brush my hair if anything I run my fingers through my hair while in the shower but for some reason i still had three dreadlocks form naturally in my hair!!! I cant decide whether its cool or unfortunate since now i cant run my fingers through that small portion. Either way, hair is hair and it makes me remember how insignificant something is in determining who you are, however, unfortunately, it takes a big role in society and how people view you.

Anyway im still trying to donate, but now its going to take longer since i have to grow out the dreadlock portion!

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