Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finally back on the road...

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dress:vintage, sweater: vintage, tights:Target, white collar shirt i wear way too much:F21, boots: gift, rings:gifts

I love this dress, It belonged to a beautiful older lady. You cant see them but minus the sweater on, this dress embodies an 1820s puffy sleeve effect, borderline football-player-shoulder-pads look. I'm definitely in dragon mode when i wear it because its as if im wearing dragon scales. Literally, but not really. But really the pattern on this dress is just crazy. It makes me think of dragonfly wings, dragon scales, and alligator skin. Its as if im wearing polyester alligator skin. Minus the skin, just the scales? Let us take a minute to think about that......

The sweater im very proud of because it was originally oversized a tad bit, however i tailored it to fit me just right. Its really quite exciting you know.

As 2012 approaches Let me just say i've really come to discover skirts and dresses this year more than ever. Ive been drifting apart from jeans little by little. I feel strange in a sense. Wearing skirts is quite comfortable though. This change im definitely adjusting to very quickly. Come winter however, I might need to reunite with my old flame, the jean. Until then my winter attire consists of granny sweaters, over collar shirts, over maxi dresses, over tights. It all makes sense if you think about it. My pet peeve=maxi skirts. I dont know if maxi skirts are "in" or if they've already reached their max potential but im loving maxi skirts so much that i've acquired a massively impressive collection of them In different cuts, patterns, and colors. I'll share soon

What sucks lately: The fact that my lightroom trial just expired, Which is why i havent posted photos. So sorry :( Not only that but my canon photo editor cant be uploaded on my laptop because my cd slot is broken. AYA-YAi .......

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