Thursday, December 29, 2011



I rumaged through and found this! Conffession=A tad bit delayed since this event where photo was taken occured quite some time ago but still I felt the need to add this to my journal ------------>a.k.a= blog. In the photo is Jake Weary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a very cool venue, interesting people, our friends band played and I met some new people too which made it an even more amazing night. I love getting to interact with a new person at least once every day, and not just by saying "hello" but by holding a conversation about anything really. It makes life, much more enjoyable. I met a guy on this night and he's an artist, had his art out on the streets, laying on the sidewalk to be exact, and as I walked past his art I stopped and began gawking at his art haha! He started talking to me and I spoke to him about my moms art and he spoke to me about his art and I could see how amazing and intelligent of a human being he is, how in love he is with his talent, and as we spoke I couldnt help but feel angry inside knowing that so many people, like him, including him, have the talent but lack the recognition. I felt sick knowing that this guy was trying to make a dollar off his art work, whether it was for drugs or a cup of coffee, he applied himself and came up with a work of art. An amazing work of art that will probably never be admired as it should, instead it'll lie on the ground as wealthy onlookers pass by tipping perhaps a dollar claiming they "have no change" while later walking into their shiny new rolls royce, and driving a block away to spend about 6 dollars on a triple grande nonfat, no foam, extra hot, sugar free vanilla latte with a stopper ontop. cant forget the stopper. (yeah im sure he had no change). Dont get me started on Starbucks, because i'll tell you why i quit. and it wont be a pretty song to sing. As I was saying, This guy seemed pretty righteous devoted to his art and such and yes perhaps there are a million reasons why his art isnt in a gallery , or why he is sitting begging for money on one of the richest streets around, or why he doesnt instead have some sort of a career where he doesnt have to be on the streets asking for money, maybe he does!! maybe he doesnt!! but perhaps I tend to be more understanding and sympathetic towards people like him versus the guy in the rolls royce walking around like a big baller  (I think thats what you call them?), flashin his dollar bills in the valet guys face. hahahah!

okay im getting off topic. But here it is, the guy said to me, "Focus your mind like a laser" he said, that might not mean much to you  now but it will one day, it'll hit you and you'll find meaning for it. He said "you're an artist, I can tell by the way you dress. not like these other girls with them mini skirts calling for attention." He said, you've got it, but you're not quite there yet. you  need to just be yourself" And since that day those words really stuck to me. Somewhat of a guideline to life. my life. Honestly! Seriously, that was great advice. He had that passed on to him by someone very impornat in a rap band and he said since then he started creating those works of art. But anyways, his words were right on to the core. No one knows me better than myself and what he said was extremely inspiring and captivating.

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