Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Long time since!

stretchy pants-gift, sweater-handknit, collartop-F21, boots-gift, rings-F21, Khols, Ebay.


Funny to say, I wore these stretchy pants on a previous post, but in a completely different way, I like both! I like the coat I wore because its hand knit!! Its got big huge buttons which i love so much, and you cant see but my favorite thing on this ensemble is my ring, its an EYE!!!! I've aways wanted an eyeball ring, but not like a halloween tacky eyeball ring, more like a modern, edgy eyeball ring. And i bought the perfect one! I'll share it in the next post. Well it has been a while since I last shared an outfit post, so here it is. I notice that I love the crazy pieces i've collected over the years in my closet, and everyday  get to dress up different, I feel nows the best time of my life to play dress up, and as I walk out my front door getting read to slay dragons, dodge tornados, and fight giants(literally), I notice myself . Its as if im leave my body for a brief 15 seconds and look at myself from up above as my spirit floats in midair, and once there i realize that BOY I  look pretty good!!!......Oh come on, complementing oneself should be done more often! expecially coming from ourselves. Its a very important thing but i'll go more in depth on that some other day, anywayyyy i was saying, i notice that my outfits and hairdo and skin and nails look really good! but most days, recent days actully, quite recently better said, i've felt a bit vain photographing my outfits. I dont know, its time consuming and i dont want to waste my time in the process of blogging. I dont know if its a permanent feeling, or temporary, but i will say i love blogging, i love sharing my fashion sense, its just lately photographing has been somewhat of a hassle. Im not a busy busy person I always make time for the most important things in my life, but blogging, it seems, isnt really one of them?
dont hate me for saying that, this is probably just a phase.??............
P.S:  photos taken via my phone sorry! not canon quality

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