Sunday, December 18, 2011

Music, I'm yours and you are mine.

This is something I'd listen to on a long drive. OVER and OVER again. And I'd never grow tired of it. Im not one to admire songs with simple, somewhat repetitive lyrics but this is an exception. If you're a fan of acoustics give it a listen. The song is like a sip of hot tea. I want music that inspires me, calms me, comforts me, soothes my insides. Music should do all those things and more, but especially those things. When i listen to this i feel like I've just conquered a giant, it gives me the feeling of relief and joy. I took one listen and Ben Howard is instantly on my favorites list. This session in particular is just flawless. Its not always fair to compare musicians with other artists because my opinion might be different from acuality.,but I do so with the purpose of providing a reference. I say "this sounds like that" so in case you listen to "that" you'll maybe also like and listen to "this". Makes sense? With that said, Ben Howard reminds me of Damien Rice, a little bit of The Passing Lane " im yours baby, and you are mine", theres more but i'll stop there

Whatever happened to that song? I will never know but I will miss it...ohh music how i love you. "A Hand to Hold"... i love you too.

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