Saturday, December 31, 2011

what a shock

I went to studio city and walked down that strip with wasteland, urban outs crossroads & chipotle, etc and of course i went browsing in the stores. First stop, urbans. Not by choice, it just happened to be the first store there. I walk in only to turn around and walk straight out. Why? Would you pay 499$ for a dress, which is 50% off by the way, was originally 1000$,wld u buy it and feel good about the purchase? You wouldnt feel morally bankrupt knowing that money couldve gone a LONG WAY being applied to other things, other people, other causes?
I then went in wasteland. OOOOOOooooo!!! Mama like. Ugh ok ill never say that again. Boyohboy i found so many pretty things in waste but as always they are a bit OVERpriced. Nonetheless love the place. Lastly i went in crossroads....YEEEEEI!!! haha i loooove crossroads in studio city. Its one of my favs besides the one in santa cruz. So long story short im done shopping walk towards my car and this ....strange.... guy is parked in front ofmy car. Street parking. So the man is lookin in his trunk, he looks at me, i look at him and i tried not to but i found myself doin a double take because he had penciled in eyebrows almost like he used black chalk. They were incredibly abnormal. Thick chunky black penciled in eyebrows. I was laughing inside. But not at the brows, it was the skinny penciled in french man mustache that made me laugh. I dont know if it was a joke but im leaning towards it was just his look. He said i smelled pretty, i was a bit scared, unlocking my door i noticed in his back trunk was a DEAD COYOTE. Im joking. He had nail polish bottles, said he paints using nail polish then he gave me one and as he gave me it i noticed 4 satanic symbols dangling off his necklaces. I freaked a bit took the polish and drove on home but notbefore tossin the polish out my window. No i proerly disposed of it in the trash can. But still i wanted nothing to do with it!!!

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