Monday, February 27, 2012

Summers Ago I remember....




Booking bands and having superbowl parties. It was "tha bessssssssss."

I was looking through my photo album and these have been and are some of my favorite photos that i've taken because I can remember those days like they were just yesterday. The band I photographed was Capistrano; Gregg Dylan Jp and John. The photo I'm in was taken by my sis, in the photo is my friend michelle. Sad how time changes everything and we move on, loose contact with our friends, we change in general. This is why I value memories so much, they're always there to remind you of irreplacable experiences and moments in life.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Little Talks!

So heres the update, EXciting news to share.......Im really interested in doing an acoustic version of this song, I fall in love easily with music, and this song is my sweetheart(besides my current sweetheart Joe), I feel ecstatic when I discover new music that makes me feel like moving, dancing crazy moves and singing out loud who cares who's watching as I make a complete fool out of myself. And believe me, im sure I look like a looney lip singing on my way to school(drive right past me one of these days and you'll see what im talking about).

Anyway, Im going to bless you with my performing skills prettttti soon, by posting a video of my acoustic version of " little talks ",,,,,,,,,oh JEEEEZ I loooooooovE this girls voice, and i wont even get started on the guys voice. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaze. Its like the clouds split open and a ray of sunshine covered the land when I first heard this song.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Samanthas photoshoot


sneak peek to samanthas photoshoot ...i'll be posting new photos of my past and present photoshoots , every chance I get there will be updates, this I promise you. I need to catch up on my soon as this lousy semester ends i'll be shooting new stuff , i dont mean to brag or anything but my photographs are pretttttttttttty good.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On ma waaay....on ma way!

I drove to school and listened to this song, 6 times, when it was nearing the end I kept hitting the replay button. I played this song 7 times on my way home from school. I played this song AGAIN three times on my way to Joes house and I replayed it for Joe once while at his house .....aaahahah!! It's my ultimate feel-good favorite song this year. Its the one song that never gets old, never gets repetitive, never gets annoying, you can never grow tired of it, and if you do well then it just means you had a long day and you should replay it the next day, itll sink in better.


If you want to know what streets im driving past, just roll down your window and listen for this song if you can hear it in the distance then it means that I am near.
Oh jeez Raquel really?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

summer breeze

I absolutely love this outfit, and to think i just threw it on, i didnt even lay it out! Im wearing a navy dress from TJmaxx, fedora from Gstage, and flipflops from target i think...In the photo is my friend Jonathan, he is sporting a tee from and skinny jeans from hot topics, as well as a pair of moccasins from Urban Outfitters and we are sitting beneath a willow tree!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

today is warm. its warm.

What i wore: gray sweater-yard sale, olive slacks-TJ's, Boots-gift, necklace-gift, beanie-gift

Another nice warm, snug, cozy sweater on a nice WARM SUNNY HOTTIE DAY. my gosh, why do i keep wearing these things on hot days.........OH, oh i know why......... BECAUSE THE WEATHER REPORT SAYS ITS GOING TO BE A "COOL" day with plenty of clouds and some breezes blowin around. boy what a mad world this is.

Anyway i bought this really neat glitter nail polish today, completely similar to the glitter polish at F21, except i only paid $1 for it at the dollar store versus $8 bux for it at the mall.Im getting pretty darn excited or these holi-days comin up!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2012

I wanted to do some top picks and share with you guys my favorites out of the 2012 Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall collection. Im not one to do reviews but this collection must not be passed up. I like the innocent, nerdy, akward, clean cut looks where we have a button up shirt, over the knee skirt, paired up with some combat boots or penny loafers with long socks. I'll do something more up to date later, I just loved these looks and had to share........
Lindsey Wixson

This hat just reminds me of England, not that i've ever been. Theres something cool about it being paired up with a dress and a long trenchcoat. I would definitely wear this.

Mackenzie Drazan

Oh CHEESE. not only is this girl super pretty but this outfit is just akwardly awesome. Puffy over the top collar, Dull colors, but it all works, rain boots, and sweatpants looking trousers. this is very much cool in my book.

Daphne Groeneveld


So i went on a photoshoot with my friend Jonathan, it was a fun day! We went to the fleamarket in search of treasures and then cooled off with a strawberry banana smoothie from mcdonalds which, may i add, was pretty delicious! Anywho, i got major sunburn on this day i got tanned even tho im already pretty tanish colored haha!

Well here are the pics, hope you like!





Friday, February 10, 2012


penny loafers-moms, tights- target, dress-CR, coat-Crossroads, headband-target, rings-various, earrings-F21

Its been a while, and explanation as to why my absence? WORK AND SCHOOL.  Mega Yikes. I took some classes with the anticipation of getting a break this semester except i was left in shock after seeing how heavy my workload is going to be for each course. Yikes. Yowza. Jeepers Creepers.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boyfriend gives me goodies.....

Dinner at Jasmines, and roses at random. What kind of boyfriend surprises you, out of the blue, when you least expect it, buys you roses for no reason, no reason at all? My kind of boyfriend.
Today was such a perfect day.
Boy........................................ im a lucky girl.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

riding bikes

summer shoot while riding bikes, we rested under a tree and this poor baby chihuahua was lost just roaming the humid grassy area we were in maybe looking for water? i almost grabbed him,took him home and called it a day except his owner was just on the other side of the fence.

no pics of the chihuahua but heres Jonathan looking amazing in his summer attire