Saturday, February 25, 2012

Little Talks!

So heres the update, EXciting news to share.......Im really interested in doing an acoustic version of this song, I fall in love easily with music, and this song is my sweetheart(besides my current sweetheart Joe), I feel ecstatic when I discover new music that makes me feel like moving, dancing crazy moves and singing out loud who cares who's watching as I make a complete fool out of myself. And believe me, im sure I look like a looney lip singing on my way to school(drive right past me one of these days and you'll see what im talking about).

Anyway, Im going to bless you with my performing skills prettttti soon, by posting a video of my acoustic version of " little talks ",,,,,,,,,oh JEEEEZ I loooooooovE this girls voice, and i wont even get started on the guys voice. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaze. Its like the clouds split open and a ray of sunshine covered the land when I first heard this song.

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