Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On ma waaay....on ma way!

I drove to school and listened to this song, 6 times, when it was nearing the end I kept hitting the replay button. I played this song 7 times on my way home from school. I played this song AGAIN three times on my way to Joes house and I replayed it for Joe once while at his house .....aaahahah!! It's my ultimate feel-good favorite song this year. Its the one song that never gets old, never gets repetitive, never gets annoying, you can never grow tired of it, and if you do well then it just means you had a long day and you should replay it the next day, itll sink in better.


If you want to know what streets im driving past, just roll down your window and listen for this song if you can hear it in the distance then it means that I am near.
Oh jeez Raquel really?

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