Saturday, April 28, 2012

dinner and walks around the block

looooooove this necklace lemme just say that.
necklace-crossroads, blk crocked top-crossroads, shorts-f21
sandals-aeropostale, jewelry-fleamarkets

This was one of my favorite days, and actually my last minute
outfit wasn't too bad either....i looooove this necklace.
My boyfriend took me out for a delicious meal and
asked why I don't wear the jewelry he's given me.....which I DO!!
and I will, for the outfit posts, because honestly Ive got a collection of 
spectacular pieces of jewelry thanks to him.
I'm very lucky to have a bunch of cool stuff which ive randomly compiled
over the years from, garage sales, fleamarkets, thrift stores, 
and gifts from my bf. <3
This summer will be super fun, my hair's finally gotten somewhat decently
long, so im intending of taking full advantage of the length and im gonna wear it down....
(please understand, ive never had long hair before!)
(well.....maybe once, in 4th grade)
makes me want to sing willow smiths,
 " i whip my hair back n fo'th i whip my hair back n fo'th"
Anywho, we took my bf's dogs for a walk today around the block, it was so much fun
and the highlight was finally getting a collar and leash for my cat,
im training him how to walk on a leash....
i'll keep you posted on whether it happens or not.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beach Trip

Zara shorts, CK tank, Vintage Sweater, G-stage Fedora
Today was overcast, surprisingly chilly. 
At home it was storage day, store away winter clothes,
bring out the summer wear....
I love these transitions

Monday, April 16, 2012

Look away...

IMG_20120417_122049 (1)
Certainly we can look away every now and then.
Im trying to figure out a few things at the moment.
Summers on the horizon and schools almost over.
Summer brings many new adventures.
wish I had a complete outfit photo however this was snapped instead.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Radiohead!!!! & Other Lives!!!

Holy smokes!! 
I watched this!!!

Other Lives(opened up for Radiohead)

This Day was really awesome, took a little trip
We watched Other Lives open up for....
I was super excited, I kept sharing with everyone that,
I've made a list of all the bands I want to watch before I get old,
and thus far Ive watched three of them, Mewithoutyou, ColdWarKids 
and Radiohead!! Watching Radiohead was like a dream come true. hahah!
The whole presentation was incredible, they had screens floating in mid air, while a banner
ontop the stage was closing up on each band members faces an instruments, 
Every song lit off an array of colors.
Lights dancing to the beat of the songs.
it was
all while rain was pouring down on us. I was soaked by the end of the night.
We had incredible mexican food at some mex place and In-n-Out at midnight.(yuck.)
what a nerd I know. But okay, next is CocoRosie, and hopefully one day soon, 
FeverRay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then my list will be completed. Well partially.
(I'd still want to watch The Animal Collective.)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

how small we must become.

(what I wore: Joes Jeans, Michael Khors fliops, Vintage sweater, lace tee/undershirt-crossroads, necklace-fleamarket, leather belt-vintage, straw fedora-G-Stage)
Day of flying kites and enjoying the suns warm kisses.
I walked barefoot for a while and my feet
 I caught stickers on the bottom of my jeans.
Lately I've resorted to throwing on whatever looks clean.
Ive styled my hair so it looks short. I want it short. I just cant cut it. Yet.
Happy Easter everybody, I hope you had a blessed day.
"The true light of my eyes is a Pearl
equally emptied to equally shine"

Monday, April 2, 2012

Lets take our shoes off.....

Song of the Day:

This song makes me want to ride my bike into space.
(P.S... deep into space)
(Seriously though.)
Im serious.