Saturday, May 12, 2012

breezy day!

what i wore: vintage valentino skirt, vintage pendleton glitter dot top,
vintage teal hat, evil eye ring silver bracelet, target fip flops

This Day was awesome!!!!!
I got so much done, went here and there, and by the end of the day
(almost now) I feel so accomplished! 
Did i mention i made chicken enchiladas suizas for dinner!!!
 it was Delicious!!! I love cooking! 
And i made strawberry shortcake for dessert! 
I feel bad though for one thing, i went grocery shopping but forgot
to get mittens tuna. Poor baby, he looked starved when I got home and 
it doesn't help that i came home empty handed.

So im planning to make another painting suprise for my bf!!! 
hes away and i want to suprise him
when he gets back......well i wont say anymore but its gonna be great!!
(i'll share the painting when im done!)