Friday, May 18, 2012

hair up, hair down

what I wore: 
knit top-crossroads, white tank-target, camel pants-crossroads, 
vintage necklace-fleamarket, penny loafers-wasteland, dino bracelet- bf

Yy bf gave me the most amazing dinosaur bracelet, so i've included a close up pic.
Also he got me a dinosaur necklace which i wear almost ALL the time.
Anyway, the outfit i wore today was a total dud, but i felt the need to include it
(for whatever reason)

short story: I met a little guy called "stink bug"(literally, a bug, not a human being)
and he was the biggest gross-est bug i've seen(i tend to avoid bugs in general)
My friend Jason scooped him up, and right as he did, 
the little stinker pointed his butt in the air and, im assuming, started
spraying us with stink juice. Well, not literally, but something like that.
We didnt wait to smell his stentch, no siree. We sent him on his way and ran.
Stink Bug. Good thing I didnt step on you thinking you were a beetle of some sort.
This blog post is such a mess, hair up, hair down, nappy hair, bun hair.
and lets not mention those poses. hahhaha